Klose Totally Unique  & World's Record Smokers

                             The Magnificent Continental Airplane Smoker
                                       World's Record Largest Smokers
         The Only Orange County Chopper in the World with a Sidecar BBQ Smoker
                           Discovery Channel's BIG Program-23ft Tall Grill
                         The Brand New Mark 24 Tiger-Fish Torpedo 18 foot
                                   The Gigantic Oval Train BBQ Smoker
                                            Small Train Unique Smoker
                                           Large Train Unique Smokers
                                                  Beer Bottle Smoker
                                                Baby Carriage Smoker

                                                   The Chuck Wagon
                                                    The Phone Booth
                                                       The SS Mobile
                                                The Miniature Smoker
                                         The Mailbox & Pyramid Cookers
                       Bling Bling as Seen on History Channel's Modern Marvels

                                     Hundreds of Sizes to Choose from.
                                      Buy Direct from Us-The Manufacturer.
                                         We have Lay-Away and Financing.
                                           Delivery Available World-Wide.
                                              Call for FREE Quote Today.
                             1000's of Trophies have been won with our Pits.
World-Wide Dealer Inquiries Welcome.

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