My Very first Pit was a Klose Family Reunion and was one of the finest made things I have ever saw. I felt like I lost my best friend the day I had to sell it to catch the morgage up. I am dreaming of the day when I get to order myself an even bigger badder than before.

I am trying to get a home build going. I just finished getting the plugs wired in for the welder. The welder is a Old lincoln ac/dc 225 that was found on the side of the road. We cleaned it up installed some new leads. Just got to test it tonight and works great.

I am trying to construct a small cooker as I can get the materials. My hats off to Dave and his guys and family, this chit ain't easy at all. I know excactly who I am calling as soon as I can get another smoker.

I learned that there are so many details you have to consider and reconsider. And to see the finished product, the pictures do not do these pits justice.

David; Dana and all of you there, I'll Be Back!! : )