Mobile Cook-Off and Catering Rigs 2019
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   24" by 6 foot Mobile Grill
A Unique 3ft x 10ft Portable Steak & Fajita Grill
          Any Size Combination of Smoker & Grill Attachments Available
         Mobile Steak & Tri-Tip Grill 3ft x 7ft

                               NEW Rotisserie Mobiles-Any Size
                          20"x5ft One of the Family Reunion Favorites
                                         2ft x 6 ft Mobile Smoker
                2ft x 6ft with Upright Slow Smoker-(Mobile Catering Rig)
                   28" x 7ft with upright Slow Smoker
The 28" x 8ft Mobile Smoker
                 28" x 8ft with Upright Slow Smoker-(Pro Golfer Classic)
                                        The 28" x  10ft New Mobile Smoker
                                    The 28x10 with Upright Slow Smoker
                                            30x6ft Mobile Smoker
                                     30x6ft w/Upright Slow Smoker
                                          The 30" x 7ft Mobile Smoker
                                The 30" x 7ft with Upright Slow Smoker
                              The Chef Paul Kirk 30x7ft Oval Wagon
                                The Paul Kirk 42" x 8ft Larger Oval Wagon
                    Highly Recommended Starter 30x8 Mobile Smoker
The 30 x8ft with Upright Slow Smoker Ultimate Cook-off and Catering Rig

                                    30x10ft Mobile Caterer's Special
Extended 30x10ft w/Upright Slow Smoker Ultimate Cook-off & Catering Rig
                                          The 36" x 6ft mobile Smoker
                         36x8ft "Gene's Masterpiece" Mobile Caterer
  36"x8ft w/Upright Slow Smoker-(Rock's Restaurateur & Catering Wagon
                        A Double 36" x 8ft Pair of Smokers Back to Back
                 A Unique 36" by 5ft Gas Grill & a 36" x 5ft Smoker Combo
                   The 36"x10ft "Gary Maine's Mobile Catering Wagon
               The 36"x10ft w/Upright Slow Smoker Gary Maine's Wagon

                             The 36"x12ft Stu's Master Caterer Mobile
                   THE ALL NEW 42 x 8ft with 42 x 42 Upright Slow Smoker
                        The 42x10ft Events, Festivals, & Fairs Cooker
        The Events, Festivals, & Fairs Cooker with Upright Slow Smoker

                         The 48x10ft Colossal Mobile Catering Trailer
                   The Nascar Classic 48x10ft w/Upright Slow Smoker
  The Massive Stadium Crowds Mobile Caterer-48"x14ft w/Upright Smoker
    The Oval Train BBQ Catering Smoker-When Large just isn't Big Enough
                  The Unique Solid Stainless Steel Mobile BBQ Smoker
                           Fancy BBQ Smokers with SS Sinks & Bling

                                     Hundreds of Sizes to Choose from.
                                      Buy Direct from Us-The Manufacturer.
                                         We have Lay-Away and Financing.
                                           Delivery Available World-Wide.
                                              Call for FREE Quote Today.
                             1000's of Trophies have been won with our Pits.
World-Wide Dealer Inquiries Welcome.

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