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We spend a lot of time on the internet trying to reach and inform the world about BBQ equipment. BBQ PITS BY KLOSE is a manufacturer of fine custom BBQ pits for the last eleven years. With hundreds of sizes in stock, our inventories include wood, charcoal, and gas-grills. We can provide smokers in all sizes for backyards and commercial situations. We produce unique cookers made to your specifications. We even have open-faced park grills on a pole or stand. We have cajun fish-fryers, and select BBQ woods. Also hardwood charcoals, fire-starter sticks, cook books, BBQ instructional videos, cooking utensils, dinner bells, seasonings, plate steel "Metal Art." We can provide this "Metal Art in a variety of forms such as: steel-cutouts like longhorns, cows eating, deer scenes, chuck wagons, pigs, branding irons, even ranch and company log’s.

We carry replacement parts and gas equipment like high, low pressure burners, hoses, regulators, and shut off valves. Also, replacement meat racks, grills, ash pans, rib racks, fire racks, in regular and stainless steel. We have gauges, thermometers and handles in stainless steel. We even carry casters, pneumatic and hard rubber wheels for your pits and grills. You name it and if we don’t have it we will get it for you.

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