On the subject of BBQ woods, I have found the best results to be from nut and fruit bearing trees, cut down from six months to two years old. Like Oak, Hickory, Mesquite, Pecan, Peach, Pear, Apple, Apricot, Alder and Maple to list a few. These are the safest types to use for cooking. I have found that wood over two years old tends to produce a dirty taste in the food more often than not. Wood can be cut down whole, and split after five or so months of seasoning. I recommend splitting three days or so before cooking with it.

 You can use some woods green for cooking, but under no circumstances should you ever use green mesquite for smoking. It will produce a bitter taste in the pit for years that cannot be sandblasted out. People have used green mesquite before because they saw someone in a restaurant using it. That was for grilling with it, not smoking with it where there is a top capturing the bitter smoke. That stuff will black your eyes it’s so strong. Also don’t use any pine limbs. I saw a man cook with the heart of pine, promptly promoting some of the nastiest red splotches all over the skin of the unhappy diners, making them extremely sick. I think the antigens got into their bloodstream. Yuck! Stay away from pines.......

 Try apple chips soaked in water, placed on your charcoal when you cook duck or goose in your smoker. It will taste like you rubbed your bird for hours with honey. Delicious......

 Also try smoking a cherry pie on pecan wood. Great......

Your can also steam cook vegetables in your smokers.

 "Let there be Smoke." See you all in the Great Outdoors


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