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This web page has been designed to work best with the two leading browsers at this time. They are Netscape Navigator 3.0 and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 3.01. We have also tested it with CompuServe’s 3.0.1 and found it to works fine. We have taken into consideration the various resolutions of monitors and have made every effort to have the web page look well at 640 x 480, and 800 x 600. This web page looks best when viewed with a 28.8 modem. However, we have tested it at 14.4 and it works fine.

The introduction with the "rolling text" should refresh after a few seconds and go to the main section of the web page. However, we have found that it does not always do so with Netscape for some unknown reason all the time.

When viewing the page with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer you will notice some marquees that do not show up in Netscape because Netscape does not support marquees at this time. When using Netscape you will see the text displayed without the marquee action.

If you are using Microsoft’s Internet Explorer you may need to click on the "Font" button on the top of the browser to make it all fit.

We hope you enjoy the "BBQ Pits by Klose" web page and would love to hear your comments. Our personal choice would be to view this web page at 800 x 600 with Microsoft's Internet Explorer and a 28.8 modem.

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